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Practical VAT Management

VAT Management



A short history of VAT in Bangladesh

Future prospect of VAT Career

How to be prepared for the VAT career

How to acquire the required skills to be VAT professional?

How to use the course materials properly?



VAT Knowledge

What is VAT?

Meaning of VAT to the consumers & Business

What is VAT CYCLE?

How to work VAT Cycle

Different rates of VAT and features of Standard rate

How to determine the VAT rate for any product and services?



VAT Registration

When is VAT Registration mandatory?

Online VAT Registration procedure

Documents to be attached for registration

Awareness when filling up the VAT registration form

What have to do after taking VAT registration



VAT Practice & Compliance

VAT Books of Accounts

VAT Documentation & VAT Invoice

VAT challan require to the business

Required activities of VAT to the Business

VAT Rebate Mechanism, Eligibility, Adjustment procedure



Input-Output Coefficient

HS Code

Bill of Entry

When to file input output coefficient

Input-Output Coefficient details

Preparation of input output coefficient




VDS Mechanism

Laws & Rules regarding VDS

When to deduct VAT at source

When VDS is not applicable

Submission of VDS to govt exchequer
Penalty where failure to VDS
Preparation of TR Challan



VAT Return

Online and Manual

VAT Return

VAT Return Subform

AT Adjustment

Penalty and fine