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Quick Book Online Pre Recorded Course

 Pre Recorded Course On Quick Book Online-                 

Total Class- 7 Class

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Course Outline-

1.      Introducing QuickBooks Online

a.       What is QuickBooks Online?

b.       What are the Features of QuickBooks Online?

c.       Learn about QuickBooks Center - What does it contains?

d.       Learn about Client Switcher - How to switch multiple companies?

e.       Learn about Navigation Panel and Quick Create Options

f.        Learn about Gear Icon to set up and modify lists & users

g.       How to Manage Users?

h.       How to Import Data/Export Data in Quickbooks Online?

i.         How to Navigate QuickBooks Online?

j.         What are Custom Form Styles?

k.       Learn about Sales Center

l.         Learn about Expense Center

m.     Learn about Employee Center.

n.       What is a Chart of Accounts (COA)?

o.       How to Create New Accounts?

p.       How to Delete/Inactivate Accounts?

q.       How to add Taxes/VAT?

r.        Learn about Apps Center

2.      Managing Sales & Customers

a.       How to work with Customer Center?

b.       How to Create a New Customer?

c.       How to enlist Products & Services into Quickbooks Online?

d.       How to Track Inventories?

e.       How to Create an Estimate?

f.        How to Convert an Estimate to an Invoice?

g.       How to Create Invoices?

h.       How to Receive a Payment?

i.         How to Deposit Undeposited Funds?

j.         What are the options to Create Credit Note?

k.       What are the ways to Create Sales Receipts?

l.         How to Create Refund Receipts?

m.     Learn the ways to Explore the Sales Center?

3.      Managing Suppliers & Bills

a.       How to work with Supplier’s Center?

b.       Learn and Understanding the Supplier’s Bar

c.       How to Create new Suppliers?

d.       How to Create Purchase Orders?

e.       How to Create a Bill?

f.        How to Create Expenses?

g.       How to Create Cheque?

h.       What are the ways to make Payments?

i.         What is Supplier Credit?

j.         How to enter a Credit Card Credit?

4.      Managing Employee, Lists & Tools

a.       How to Create a New Employee?

b.       How to Create a Time Sheet?

c.       How to Create a Billable Time Chart?

d.       What are the process of Transfer Funds?

e.       How to Record a Journal Entry?

f.        Learn to Create Customer Statements

g.       Learn to do Inventory Quantity Adjustment

h.       Learn to do Pay Down Credit

i.         How to record Recurring Transactions and templets of Recurring Transactions

5.      Bank Reconciliation & Others

a.       Learn to Get Bank Feeds

b.       How to Create a Bank Rule?

c.       What is the process of Bank Reconciliation?

d.       Learn the Steps of Reconciliation

e.       Learn about Budgeting

f.        How to set Multicurrencies?

6.      Special Features

a.       How to process Write Off Invoices?

b.       How to do QuickBooks Clean Up?

c.       How to do Projects in Quickbooks Online?

7.      Reporting

a.       How to generate Reports in QuickBooks Online?

b.       How to Customize Reports?

c.       How to generate Management Report?

d.       How to Print and Email Reports in Quickbooks Online?